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how to talk to women

They may not be skill in the world more sought after by men than the ability to learn how to talk to women. Something that should come as naturally as breathing to men across the globe is not as simple in practice as it is in theory, and guys the world over have been looking for any advantage to mastering this kind of “super power”.

There are a couple of things you need to keep top of mind when you are learning how to talk to women, and each of these little details will directly contribute to how quickly you succeed with the gentler sex. Pay attention or ignore these simple rules at your own risk, but remember this - men throughout history have been using this simplistic tools and techniques with great result.

Going in with confidence – even if you have to fake it

Women are much more in tuned to subtle social conditions and can sniff out insecurity with the skill of a trained bloodhound. Nothing turns women off faster (sometimes even before you open your mouth) more than a weak guy – so even if you have to fake confidence to get into the set do so. Eventually your bluster and fake wall of confidence will become the real deal with trial and exposure, and you’ll never have to worry about this again

Flow – don’t just stick to the script

Ever notice the guys in the club that are dead obvious pickup students? Usually reciting from scripts verbatim, these guys may do well initially but are always ejected in record speed because they lack social skills to move fluidly. Scripts are fantastic learning tools, and can be a super piece of leverage when you’re new to the game, but it would be impossible to script personal interactions to the letter. You need the ability or the foresight to flow with the conversation while moving things in the direction of your end goal.

All in all attracting and learning how to talk to women is a powerful skill that doesn’t take an enormous amount of effort to master - but pay attention to these mission critical tips above. These are the same two things that the best pickup pros in the world are using every single night they go out and if it’s good enough for them it should be good enough for you. So get out there and learn how to talk to women.